About RLT Academy

RLT Instrumentation Academy is the recent initiative of RLT Instrumentation Pvt Ltd. Chennai to improve the quality of Instrumentation personnel in India ,employed in industry , infrastructure and teaching institutions .

RLT Instrumentation Academy proactively addresses the need of such personnel when they are students today in various engineering colleges across India . We provide standard & customized Training Programs to such Students in Engineering Colleges desirous of gaining industry knowledge on Instrumentation before embarking on their professional career of their choice. We provide such packaged programs ,including some management aspects team building & soft skills to passing out Final Year students to make them Industry Ready ! We train the existing industry technicians & engineers in industry to improve their understanding & skills in Instrumentation Technology.

RLT Instrumentation Club is a unique concept of Keep-Connect with all students/industry professionals undergoing training to provide them knowledge updates , address their queries ,provide them access to the entire knowledge warehouse of RLT Instrumentation ,besides even supporting them employment leads & services.

RLT Instrumentation Academy Consultancy Services will address the need of Institutions & Industry desirous on improving their Academic & Practical Training deliverables in-house & also help them with project assignments & development work relevant to the industry needs.

RLT Instrumentation Academy Training Modules Services will address the need of Instrumentation Laboratory & Workshops by providing self-standing Training Kits with Skid mounted Instruments for effective practical training.

RLT Instrumentation Academy would like to be in 5 years the first re-call for any individual/organization wanting to gain practical industry knowledge on Industrial Process Instrumentation & Systems. RLT Instrumentation Academy will do all that is possible to keep the Flag of Instrumentation Technology flying high to sustain the industry growth.

All our training programs & services are charged to the institution , industry or individuals & the fee structure is kept as reasonable as possible to meet the costs.

Need of Training program

In this era of Globalization , we have to as Engineers , as Industry , as Teaching Institutions compete with the best in the world !

What our Engineering Colleges need is Industry to come forward & support them for creating industry-ready Engineers !

What our Industry needs is to improve the job skills of their engineers in the Instrumentation Department for improved plant performance & profitability .

Engineering students ,especially in their 3rd & 4th year need a carefully designed Instrumentation Training Program, which will get them motivated to apply themselves with better understanding & come out of the college with flying colors !

Many of our Industry Professionals struggle to add value to their Instrumentation Jobs due to lack of theoretical & practical understanding of instrumentation. They need specially designed Training Programs to make them enjoy their job & be more effective .

Training focus on

RLT Instrumentation Training Programs are designed to provide the student (from College or Industry) comprehensive technical knowledge, both theoretical & practical, to meet their needs . The training will focus more on understanding of instrument & its application to make it more interesting .

RLT Instrumentation will also focus on making the Institution or Industry more self-supporting on making their own courses/orientation programs more effective.

What we do

Theory & Practice will be 50% : 50% of the course period i.e. 1 day , 3 day , 1 week or 2 weeks or special .

The training can be more effectively organized at our factory. On-site training programs can also be undertaken.

Theoretical Discussions will be with Power Point Presentations & Instrument Demo’s . To reinforce understanding a brief 2 to 3min Pre-Test (objective type ) will be given to each Participant . At the end of the topic , the same Test will be given as a Post-Test . The students will self-check & ascertain the knowledge gained from the training received on that topic . This will keep the student motivated !

There will be live Instrument on Demo during the training .

Later , especially post-lunch would be practice ,where each student would get an opportunity to connect wires to an instrument & power up, check the operation ,understand the displays. the operation of keys , calibration where required & do some exercises .

At the end of the course , RLTIA will try to arrange for a site visit so that they can see the Instruments performing on site !

This composite training will enhance the confidence of students / industry personnel tremendously & they will be successful in their vocations .

RLTIA will provide Training Completion Certificates & training material to study & refer later.

For College Student's

Projects for final year students :
RLTIA will arrange with the RLT Instrumentation Pvt Ltd Factory at Chengelpet to provide Final Year BE Students facility to do their pre-assigned project .

The Projects will be finalized in consultation with the Professors at the colleges.

RLTIA will give certificate to students on completion of their project / project report .

This is besides whatever the College would normally do as per college rules.

Industrial Visit / Implant Training :
We'd encourage Colleges (3rd/4th year students) & Industry (Trainees / Technicians) to visit RLTI Chengelpet Factory to get a better understanding of Instrumentation Production .

For Industrial Trainees

This would be specifically a major topic with Industry Training Programs ,especially where the participants can apply these skills on the job .

While, the student training program will provide an overview (theoretical & practical) on installation, loop-check & commissioning techniques the industry programs will address this topic in greater depth.

Special Topics such as, Spares Inventory Management & budgeting, preventive maintenance & downtime reduction would be covered for Trainees from the Industry. For such topics, we may even invite guest faculty from existing industry to share their practical knowledge with trainees.

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