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RLT Foundation

RLT Foundation is an outcome of an extraordinary vision in the case of education. The Foundation has only one aim an ultimate quality in Education to benefit the student community especially of younger age group and help thdm take up life with ease and conviction. Hence its dream projects as shanthinikethan matriculation Higher Secondary School, Sembakkam, Chennai and RLT Academy at Athur, Chengalpet

The Foundation has to its credit Shanthinikethan Matriculation Higher Secondary School, an institution with classes from LKG to std Xll, bent upon making a difference in educational values in and around the area of Sembakam Chennai

The dedication of RLT Academy a complete school with classes from LKG to std Xll, and its huge campus, spacious class rooms, well - maintained infrastructure, methodologies and open strategies and sure to conquer the child in Education besides of offering him high level energy and focus to move on its right direction RLT boys Hostel housed adjacent to the school Campus, is again boon to those who go after only quality education with absolutely quiet surrounding

The foundation has a band of teachers, trained committed and devoted to RLT standards of Education. The Foundation plans to give all that would enhance the personality, attidue and intelligence of the child theough seminars, symposiums, presentations, interactive sessions, science exhibitions, competitive exams & inter school sports meet etc.

The foundation offers school transport with all safety measure inbuilt and that would fall with in the guidelines of the Department of transport, Government of Tamilnadu to benfit the student Community

The Foundation strongly belives that education is the shared responbility of parents teachers, children and the community. Parents have the right to expect that what the child is taught is what a child needs to know and that education should develop a sense of self respect and the capacity to lives as indepent, self-motivated people with the ability to function as contributing members of co-operative groups.

The Foundation is very particular to offer an environment with open and participative structures to get quality education. we welcome you into our school / hostel and wish your family a wonderful schooling / hostel and wish your family a wonderful schooling / hostel experience with us at the RLT family, with you in transforming lives through education.

Well the vision likes a sweet dream automatically into the world of education and we assure that the minds that push it from behind me those with commitment and devotion towards quality efforts to get quality education.

We Welcome you into our school / hostel and wish your family a wonderful schooling / hostel experience with us at the RLT family. With you in transforming lives through education

  • School Facilities

RLT Hostel

Students from class III onwards can opt for Hostel facility in the prescribed form separately meant for Hostel Admission. The student who desires to join hostel along with his parents will have an exclusive interview with his Class Teacher Warden, Principal and Chairman of the school before getting Application Form

General Procedure for getting into the Hostel

  • Fill in the Application Form meant for the hostel
  • Ensure that the application is not deficit of documents
  • Attach the birth certificate of the student
  • Submit five passport size photographs
  • Attach Conduct Certificate from the previous school
  • Tender the Medical History of the child
  • Give at least one landline number to reach instantly
  • Submit mobile numbers of both the father and the mother
  • Attach the residential address and proof for that
  • Submit Father's/Mother's work place info
  • Ensure you submit 10 self addressed and stamped envelopes
  • Submit Parent's photo who will come, sign and collect the child

Understand Hostel Life

  • A hostel student has a privilege of preparing for a special game he thinks he is good at.
  • He can get the support of the P.T. Master during the evening games session.
  • The study hours are to be followed diligently.
  • He can make good use of the hostel campus and find his own joy the most right way.
  • In house cult is the minimum requirement for an inmate.
  • Inmates are welcome to give their feed back as and when required in a written format

Bus Facilty

    Student can opt reaching school through school transport

  • They have to get the format from the admin tounter.
  • fill in the detail and remit fees meant for the destination to the bank.
  • Produce the receipt to the admin counter and P.E.T Master.
  • Student are Expected to maintain discipline while traveling.
  • They are not expected to hold unneccesary conversations with driver or conductor

How To make Complaints?

hope that there will not be any cause to complain however, if there are any complaints or cincerns the following procedure should be followed.

  • Discuss the master with you chilids class teacher. However please remember that a teacher's first priority in the morning is teaching their class and the time when the teacher will be able to concentrate more fully on your problem, is after school please contact the school office to arrange a mutually convenient time
  • If the Problem is not resolved by a meeting with your child's class teacher then the matter should be discussed with the principal who will endeavour to meet with parents within 24 hours - again please make an appointment with the school office to allow for the background information to be collected
  • If it is au urgent issue that cannot wait, please contact the office and arrangements will be made to the principals as soon as possible.

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